Westlake, Ohio

Westlake enjoys a reputation of excellent living, multicultural atmosphere, and business friendly government. It was voted as the best as the best suburb in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area in 2001. It is a beautiful suburb, with a top school system, and safe streets, but most important it is where the exciting things happen. For example, Crocker Park, one of the most exquisite shopping mall of its kind in the country, is a place bustling with energy of local and international business activities.

Westlake is also a convenient location for business. It is located on the west side of Cleveland, only 15 mile from downtown Cleveland. It is only 10 minutes from Cleveland International airport. Two major highways, I-90 (on north) and I-480 (on south) pass through it. They provide businesses anywhere in the Westlake a quick access to the interstate highway.

Westlake is friendly to business. The city is doing all it could to help business relocate, develop and expand. Various incentive programs are available for business. The city maintains its school, roads, and various facilities very well. Response time from police and fire department is near to zero.

Summary Report (2006-2008) from US Census Bureau
Total: 31,356
Male 14,935
Female 16,431

Total Households 13,114

Median Household Income 69,641
Median Family Income 96,040

Race & Ethnicity (one race)
White 27,977
African American 783
American Indian 8
Asian 1,822
Hispanic 873
Other 278

Total Housing Unit 14,514
Homeowner Vacancy Rate 2%
Rental Vacancy Rate 11.9%

Population 16 Year & over 25,843
In Labor force 17,122

For more detailed info, check http://factfinder.census.gov


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